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About Us

The BestFurnitureArt is a free website to the public, hoping to help you to make a wise decision as purchasing furniture.

Welcome! My name is Andrew, a home decoration designer. With passion for this industry, I will provide free professional information for the public through BestFurnitureArt. The most important point is that I hope everyone will be assisted properly here.

Why do I found this website?

It is attributed to my terrible online shopping experience of furniture. At that time, my new home was just decorated. In order to buy a comfortable sofa, I browsed lots of websites and chose a big sofa with good sales volume recommended by lots of users. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of my nightmare. Soon, the sofa had various quality problems, including rough lining, cushion collapse and sofa leg crack. Therefore, I had no way but throw it away after I purchased it for one month. After that, I started reflecting on why I don’t use my professional knowledge to detect different furniture, so that terrible experience that I once had will not happen to you anymore.

The reason why I engage in this job is that I know well with the home decoration industry and I am highly enthusiastic for furniture matching and design.

At present, our team includes two full-time research assistants, an experienced furniture employee, and a learned and generous furniture designer who is willing to share industrial knowledge.

The furniture information that we know will not be gained by you from any other places.

There is no doubt that your home decoration designer can give you more advice, but it is not enough. In addition to color matching, you need to know more.

Since the website was founded, my team and I have studied, investigated and evaluated more than 158,500 furniture products. We have formulated our own research standards to distinguish from good furniture and unacceptable furniture for the public.

We spend so much time on furniture research, so you have no need to waste time. By searching and inquiring our website, you can gain valuable information. Or, you can give us furniture product information to be checked. We will publish the results to our website after rigorous research.


BestFurnitureArt is privately owned and has not relationship with the furniture manufacturer. When we rate our products, we do not accept any money, gifts or other awards to affect our rating.

However, when users read our website and purchase it through our links, we may receive promotion fees from businesses, which will help us to continue to operate and freely provide all our content to all users.

In any case, we always intend to maintain objective justice and reason at the time of scoring.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Andrew, Founder and Managing Editor

The BestFurnitureArt