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Elkton Queen Platform Bed by Mercury Row Review

Elkton Queen Platform Bed Review

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Elkton Queen Platform Bed has obtained a medium score of BFA and 3-star rating.

The 3-star rating indicates that the bed has the average quality and design of the industry, most of them are also made by the best brands in the industry. We think the bed is also worth to recommend.

Our ratings usually select the objective data (material, structure, volume, weight, load bearing, design, color, cleaning, assembly, etc.) for the main reference, and the subjective assessment of the user shall only play the role of auxiliary reference. In order to ensure the fairness and effectiveness of the assessment, we have interviewed many industry experts and practitioners.

You can get the current commodity price and more information through the following link:

Elkton Queen Platform Bed by Mercury Row

Elkton Queen Platform Bed Review

The manufacturer’s description on Elkton Queen Platform Bed :

Bring simply-stylish contemporary design to your bedroom with this queen platform bed. Crafted of manufactured wood with PU laminate veneers in a rich woodgrain finish, the headboard strikes a clean-lined silhouette with straight sides and a thick top. A sliding door keeps four shelves open at any time – perfect for storing and displaying framed photos and bedtime reads. Streamlined side rails and a series of slats accommodate your preferred mattress (not included) without the need for a bulky box spring or bunkie board, while thick bracket legs offer just enough clearance for underbed storage.

Now, let's start to:

There five sizes of the bed are the most used in North America (United States, Canada): Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King. However, there will be also some special size, such as Eastern King and so on.

The United States market usually measures the size by width, as shown in the following table:

39 × 74
99 × 188
54 × 74
137 × 188
60 × 80
152 × 203
76 × 80
193 × 203
California King
72 × 84
183 × 213

Different regions or manufacturers may have special size and standard widths.

We did not get specific information about the size of the bed.

Regard to the choice of bed size, the most important thing to consider is the size of the room. When your room is small, in order to make the room less crowded and have a certain amount of active space, a smaller bed is highly recommended, such as Twin or Full. If you have enough room space, you can choose a larger bed, such as a: Queen, King, California King or a larger bed. When you have enough room space to support a bed of any size, you can consider the number of users. But usually in terms of comfort and interior layout, we recommend choosing a larger bed to sleep less crowded and to make the room less empty.

Let's continue to:

The Frame Material of the bed is:

Manufactured Wood/Solid Wood

The bed doesn't have upholstered.

The bed doesn't require a Box Spring.

We did not get specific information about the mattress of the bed.

We did not get specific information about the recommended height of the bed mattress.

We did not get specific information about the headboard of the bed.

We did not get specific information about the footboard of the bed.

The bed needs to be assembled.

When you have a good budget, we often recommend that you choose a bed that does not need to buy additional accessories, because it is more convenient and no need to bother to choose and match. But if your budget is limited, or if you have your own collocation, you can choose a bed that requires additional accessories.


The price of the bed is in the high range, and if you have a good budget, you can choose from within the range. (Because of the price is float, we recommend that you click here to view the current price)

Please note that the price of the bed is usually floating.

When we complete this comment, we can note that the bed is sold at a low level, which is usually caused by insufficient promotion of the mall, the new listing of the bed, the price and other reasons, and is not directly related to the quality of the bed.

In summary, Elkton Queen Platform Bed has a 3-star rating of BFA.


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However, when users read our website and purchase it through our links, we may receive promotion fees from businesses, which will help us to continue to operate and freely provide all our content to all users.

In any case, we always intend to maintain objective justice and reason at the time of scoring.

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