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Best Outdoor Sofas Review and Buyer’s Guide

Written by Andrew | Last Updated 2020-07-19

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Best Outdoor Sofas Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Outdoor sofas are purposely designed to enable you to make the most of your outdoor space with relaxing and functional furniture items. Just like other pieces of furniture, outdoor sofas are available in different types, styles, sizes, and designs. These include modular garden sofas, armchairs, and arbor benches.

People tend to focus on their interior spaces when purchasing furniture, but it is good to mention that investing in a great outdoor sofa is a good idea to consider. With the right outdoor sofa set, your outdoor spaces can also make a nice living area for your home. When choosing or designing your dream outdoor space, it is important to note that the right space comes with the right furniture items with the right textures and dimensions. Here we have compiled a list of the best outdoor sofas available in the market today. If you are looking for such a set, you have come to the right place! Read on below to learn more.

Types, Designs, and Materials Available

Outdoor sofas are available in different designs and styles, including patio sectional sofas, loveseats, and regular sofas for the deck. The patio sectional design favors a higher number of people and it offers a nice environment for a chat with your guests or family members. On the other hand, outdoor loveseat sofas provide a comfortable space for lounging or sleeping and relaxing over long weekends. It includes two cushy pillows that can be used as a throw pillow for greater comfort and support. The other type of outdoor sofa is the armchair; this type of furniture features a traditional sofa design for enhanced comfort. It offers a nice space to relax and enjoy a cool breeze while sipping your favorite cocktail.

The other important thing to mention while discussing outdoor sofas is the material used. Just like other outdoor furniture items, the best outdoor sofas should be made from materials that can withstand the conditions they are exposed to in your open space. Some are made of leather fabric, metal, or wooden frames that require some extra care, or polyester and other easy-to-clean materials that are highly-resilient.

Choosing outdoor sofas with the right style and design is a brilliant idea, but buying one that gives you a sense of character is even better. Therefore, when picking the right product, ensure that you choose one that brings these elements to your outdoor space.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Sofa

Choosing the right outdoor sofa can be a daunting task as there are several factors that you need to consider. Here we look at the major factors to look for while searching for the ideal product to place in your outdoor space.


One of the most important factors to consider is the material that is used to make the furniture. The best outdoor sofa should be made of durable, highly-resilient, and easy-to-clean materials. With this said, your sofa will be able to serve you for a longer time with low maintenance costs or other care requirements. Polyester and leather make the best upholstery material for outdoor sofas. When it comes to the frame, wooden frames are better as they can be cleaned and maintained with a light touch as compared to metallic frames and plastic frames.

Furthermore, your upholstery material should also allow for a comfortable seating experience even during warmer months. This makes polyester a better material than leather. Finally, your sofa should also come with weather-resistant fabric to prevent mildew growth and color-fading.

Most all-weather wicker pieces, metal, cedar, and teak furniture items are rarely affected by what nature throws their way. Therefore, it is good to consider picking a product that features any of these materials when deciding the right product to purchase.


Color is another important factor to consider when choosing any piece of furniture, but this even more important when it comes to deciding the right outdoor sofa to pick. The best outdoor sofas should feature colors that complement the décor in your outdoor space. Therefore, you should match the colors of your home to your outdoor décor or the other way around. The color should also be easy to clean and maintain. For accent pieces and cushions, keep bolder hues for the most long-lasting color since they are likely to be used less often.


It is also good to consider a sofa that comes with practical storage space. This may come in handy when you have essential items such as files, devices, or magazines to store when sitting and chatting with your guests.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

As mentioned above, it is important to consider a piece of furniture that is easy to clean and maintain. This allows you to reserve most of the hours you spend outside for enjoying your outdoor living space rather than spending much of your time cleaning them.

Weight and Portability

The best outdoor sofa should be portable to allow you to store them in a safer place when necessary. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a relatively light piece of furniture that can easily be moved from one place to another. It is also good to acquire a piece that folds easily and is also easy to set up as in cases you might be required to move it after spending your time outside.

Design and Style

Design and style are also important factors to look out for when deciding the right product to acquire. Some designs and styles offer greater comfort and relaxation than others, while others are adjustable to different lounging and sleeping positions.

Removable Covers

It is also advisable to acquire a piece of furniture that includes outdoor pillows and cushions with removable covers that can be easily cleaned with a washing machine.


The other crucial factor to consider is the quality of the product. Investing in a high-quality piece of furniture may appear to be costly, but it is a wise decision in the long-run. Quality furniture can stand the test of time and also come with a stylish and unique look. However, you can decide to save some money on accessories such as accent tables and pillows if your budget does not allow for a high-quality purchase.

Number of Seats in the Set

Outdoor sofas come with a certain number of seats in a given set. Therefore, it is important to consider the number of guests or family members that you would like your piece of furniture to accommodate in a given time. Some outdoor sofas will also leave some spaces for your visitors and your family members at a go. Thus, you should invest in a piece that will serve you better as some sofas can accommodate three people while others can accommodate 10 or more people at once.

Types of Cushions

The outdoor sofa should allow you to sit and relax comfortably for a long time. However, it is good to mention that for this to be possible, you should invest in a piece of furniture that comes with spongy and supportive cushions. In this case, it is important to check both seat and back cushions for enhanced comfort.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Outdoor Sofas


Available in different designs and styles

Made of weather-resistant materials

Most outdoor sofas are multifunctional

Matches with any type of décor

Classy look

Offers great comfort and relaxing experience

Most are made of highly resilient wicker pieces

Sturdy and attractive


Relatively expensive

Relatively hard to choose as there are several factors to consider

Limited options due to the conditions around the outdoor space

Where to Buy Outdoor Sofas

There are several places that you can buy outdoor sofas, both online as well as in-store. It is a good idea to contact the company through the brand’s official website.

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Sofas

With outdoor sofas, you will require to learn some tricks and also some extra effort in maintaining them due to the conditions in the open space. Here we look at some of the basic ways of maintaining them:

1.Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove the debris and dirt from the sofa surfaces.

2.Clean deeply with the right cleaning products

3.Cover the furniture or allow them to dry completely before using them.

4.For furniture with metallic frames, ensures that they are painted whenever you see any sign of dents to prevent rusting.

Best Outdoor Sofas

We have reviewed the best 3 outdoor sofas that will help you find the right product for your outdoor living space. These include the following.

Best Overall: SUNCROWN Outdoor Sectional (6-Piece Set) All-Weather Sofa

SUNCROWN Outdoor Sectional (6-Piece Set) All-Weather Sofa

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The SUNCROWN Outdoor Sectional Sofa is our top pick for the best outdoor sofa in our list. As the name states, the outdoor sofa is an all-weather brown wicker piece of furniture that comes with a waterproof cover and a seat cushion. Besides, the sofa also includes a tempered glass table that highlights any type of décor.

It is also a comfortable sofa set that accommodates four to six people comfortably. Moreover, the outdoor sofa features seat clips and a waterproof cover. This helps in keeping you’re your sofa and table dry and clean. The seat clips are placed underside to prevent the piece of furniture from sliding apart. It is also designed with a stylish wicker style that mimics the natural wicker material. With the great wicker style, the furniture adds excellent décor to your outdoor space.

Moreover, the outdoor sofa is easy to assemble as it comes with a socket wrench that helps in setting it up. This allows for 45 to 60 minutes of assembly time.


Comfortable set

Amazing glass tabletop

Includes seat clips and a waterproof cover

Comes with a complementary socket wrench

Great wicker style

Best 3-Seat Outdoor Wicker Sofa: Best Choice Products Outdoor Furniture with Steel Frame

Best Choice Products Outdoor Furniture with Steel Frame

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Removable and washable cushion covers

3-person seating space

Elegant design

Sturdy construction

880 LBS Weight capacity

Easy to clean with a damp cloth

Fade-resistant covers

Best Budget: GDF Capri Outdoor Water-Resistant Cushions 6-Piece Chat Set

GDF Capri Outdoor Water-Resistant Cushions 6-Piece Chat Set

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The GDF Studio Caprio Outdoor is another high-quality piece of furniture that is ideal for any person working with a tight budget. It comes with water-resistant cushions making it ideal for outdoor use. With this feature, you can lounge outdoors confidently without the fear of spending a lot of time later cleaning the seat. Moreover, the piece of furniture is also easy to clean and maintain. The outdoor is designed as a sectional, which allows you to create any shape you prefer.

With the stylish design, the outdoor sofa allows you to create a shape that you want in your space. However, the sofa requires you to assemble it first before, which relatively easy. It comes as two armless chairs, one right armchair, one table, one corner chair, and one left armchair.


Water-resistant fabric

Great and unique design

Assembly required

Outdoor sectional sofa set

Easy to clean and maintain


An outdoor sofa offers a great way to allow you to spend your free time relaxing in your living space during warm sunny days. Besides, some sofas provide enough space for your other members of the family and also your visitors. The best outdoor sofa should, however, meet all the conditions that we have mentioned above to ensure that you get great value for your money. It is advisable to consider a product that is made of water-resistant fabric, sturdy construction, and has adequate space and great design. We believe that our guide will help you find a piece of furniture – the right piece of furniture – for your outdoor living space.

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