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Best Sleeper Sofa Review and Buyer’s Guide

Written by Andrew | Last Updated 2020-07-19

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Best Sleeper Sofa Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Choosing the best sleeper sofa that is multifunctional, super comfortable, affordable, and looks great can be a daunting task, especially with the high number of products in the market today. However, it is a good idea to spend enough time researching the right products to choose under this category because you can enjoy an excellent area for relaxation after a long day with your daily activities. With the right advice on how to shop for the right furniture and also use it, you can enjoy considerable benefits and value for your money – not to mention a return on investment from your new furniture.

It is recommended that you seek advice on what features to consider while looking for a sleeper sofa and also the options available in the market. Moreover, it is also important to look at the area where you want to place the furniture. A queen size sleeper sofa is an ideal choice for the guestroom, den, living room, or finished basement, while a king-size is a suitable choice for use in the master bedroom.

Types and Design Available and Materials

A sleeper sofa offers a great solution to those who want to acquire furniture that provides ultimate comfort and relaxation while also a problem of allowing you to make use of the limited space in your house for maximum effect. Usually, a sleeper sofa fit two people easily and comfortably and also features several styles and designs that make them an ideal place for guests to sleep. Some of the major sleeper sofa designs and types include the following.

Multifunctional Design

As the name suggests, these sleeper sofas are designed to allow the furniture to suit different uses. It can be used as a bed, comfy seat, and also provides a storage space below that is enough for most of your belongings.

Twisted Back Convertible Futon

The design offers an ideal solution to homeowners with limited space or to individuals who want to use minimal furniture to achieve spacious décor. It features a unique design that allows you to fold it into a bed if you intend to host your guests for the night. Therefore, the sleeper sofa enables you to enjoy great versatility while also saving on the space. It also features a simple and unique design that can match with different types of décor.

Wooden Chair Sleeper Sofa

The wooden chair design offers the simplest ways for a sleeper sofa. Just like other sleeper sofas, the furniture is designed to allow for easy conversion into a comfortable futon for great comfort and relaxation. It is suitable for the back yard or porch spaces or living rooms.

Leather Sleeper Sofa

If you are looking for a sleeper sofa that provides stylish looks and versatility, the leather sleeper sofa can be a great addition to your furniture. The sleeper sofa comes with unique armrests that can be extended to accommodate more people, making it ideal for those looking for a larger sleeper sofa.

Sleeper Sofa with Storage

One of the most important reasons why people acquire a sleeper sofa, it to get a comfortable and relaxing space without making their rooms appearing congested. This particular design features a storage space that allows you to place cushions, essentials, and other items such as clothes, towels, linens, or seasonal items. However, it important to note that the furniture is available in different materials, including leather and other fabrics.

Lift-and-Pull Sleeper Sofas

These sleeper sofas feature a traditional design that makes them user-friendly and practical. However, the current offerings of sleepers feature an innovative design for better sleep throughout the night. Lift-and- pull sleeper sofas come with individual cushions that provide support to the seat and pillows that support your back. As the name suggests, the sleeper requires you to pull the frame up and out to get it into a sleeping position.

Daybed Sleeper Sofa

The sleeper sofa is more of a twin-sized bed that opens horizontally than a normal sleeper. It includes a trundle bed that pulls out from the furniture’s frame as a second twin-sized bed. With the trundle beds, the sleeper allows for two people to sleep next to each other on individual mattresses.

How to Choose a Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa offers a great relaxation space and a bed for visiting family members and friends just like air mattresses. Sleeper sofas are more expensive than air mattresses but more supportive than them. However, to find the right furniture you have to understand how to choose one first. Here are the factors to consider when looking for the best sleeper sofa.

Mattress Styles

As mentioned above, sleeper sofas come in different styles and designs. These sofas are available in different options, which include innerspring or air hybrids, memory foam options, and spring mattresses. Sleeper Sofas with spring mattresses can be a bit supportive but can be quite annoying due to the noise caused by the creaky springs. You can also get poked by the springs while waking up or rolling over. Air or innerspring hybrids feature an improved design where some air is inflated above the springs to make the mattress thicker.


The other important feature to consider when choosing the right furniture is the size available for a fully extended sleeper sofa. Picking furniture with the right size saves you from the hassles of having to move some items for it to fit into your room. Usually, sleeper sofas come with full and queen mattress options. However, you can also find some brands with the king and twin mattresses.


The best sleeper sofa has to be comfortable and supportive. Most sleeper sofas feature comfortable padding at the top for great comfort and relaxation while sleeping. Therefore, it is advisable to pick furniture with foam toppers.


It is also important to look for a unique and stylish mechanism that allows you to put the mattress in and pull it out easily. Besides, a sleeper sofa with an excellent mechanism should not feature any sharp points that might tear the mattress when putting them in or pulling them out.


The perfect sleeper sofas should offer a comfortable and supportive space for sitting while folded. Moreover, you should also ensure that the cushions are high-quality and comfortable.


Choosing a furniture item with a sturdy construction is a brilliant idea, but it is also important to avoid metal bars as they dig into the users. Sleeper sofas with kiln-dried hardwood frames make the best furniture items.


It is also good to consider the weight of the furniture, as you may be required to move it up through the stairs. Therefore, you might consider having an inflatable mattress rather than a sleeper sofa in some cases.


Sleeper Sofas are available in different materials. Leather sofas are more durable and also fit in any type of décor.

Cushioning and Mattress

Finally, the cushioning and the mattress can adversely impact your sleep or lounging experience. Therefore, it is advisable to pick a sleeper sofa with supportive cushioning and mattress such as one made from a foam material. Lift-and-pull sleeper furniture offers great versatility as they can be used with any type of a mattress. Besides, foam mattresses maintain their shape and easily fold to any shape while changing the position of the sleeper.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Sleeper Sofa


Comes with sturdy frames and a wide range of fabric options

Perfect for two people

Available in about 79 to 101 inches overall dimensions

Some features extra storage space

User-friendly folding mechanism

Easy to maintain and clean

Easy to set up


Folding mechanisms could wear out quickly if used improperly

Some brands could be hard to assemble or set up

Some products can be hard to sleep or sit on or too firm, luckily most of the soften after some time

Which Is the Best Place to Purchase a Sleeper Sofa?

With the advancement of technology, most brands are investing in ways that ensure their products are available online for their customers. This has also been facilitated by the lenient return policies and the ease of assembly associated with most brands. Some companies send fabrics swatches to customers before ordering to ensure that they are comfortable with the shade. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the official website if you intend to buy any sleep sofa online for them to direct on whether they can facilitate the process or also advise on the alternative option to take.

3 Best Sleeper Sofas

Best Overall: Nia Velvet Sleeper Sofa with Square Armrests

Nia Velvet Sleeper Sofa with Square Armrests

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The Nia Velvet is the best sleeper sofa as it comes with a stylish look, excellent material, and unique design and other premium features that make it stand out from the competition. Moreover, the sleeper sofa has a good rating and one of the highest number of reviews in the market. With the stunning design and the velvet fabric, the sleeper sofa is the ultimate choice for any person looking for a comfortable and stylish transitional futon.

Moreover, the sofa comes with tapered wooden legs, sleek arms and thick cushioning that takes you back in the days with its traditional look. It also features a unique mechanism that allows you to lower it into a different position, including lounging and sleeping positions. Therefore, you can offer a comfortable place to spend the night and use it while in the lounging position to watch your favorite movie or chat with your friends.


Tapered wooden leg material

Convertible design

Considerably easy to set up

Easy to clean and maintain

Polyester velvet upholstery material

Best Leather Sleeper Sofa: Bladen Full Sleeper Sofa

Bladen Full Sleeper Sofa

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If you are in the market for the best pull-out leather sleeper sofa, the Bladen furniture could be a great option for you. With the leather fabric, the sleeper sofa offers a warm feel and an excellent look that is ideal for all types of décor. Besides, the sleeper sofa also features a multi-tonal, which combine with plush cushions to offer great support and comfort.

It also comes with a pull-out mattress design that provides a nice place for sleep for your guests. Moreover, it also features exposed tapered feet and corner-blocked frame that accentuates its classy look. The sleeper sofa is also comfortable, relatively affordable, and also able to lounge.


Highly resilient foam cushions covered with thick poly fiber

Exposed tapered feet

Corner-blocked frame

Polyurethane/polyester upholstery

Loose seat cushions and attached back

Foldable memory foam mattress

Supportive metal frame

Best Storage Sofa Sleeper: Friheten Sleeper Sofa

Friheten Sleeper Sofa

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The Friheten Sleeper Sofa features a unique design that offers great storage space under the seat for your essentials and other clothes. With the innovative design and style, the sleeper sofa is also easy to convert into a bed. It comes with 100% polyester fabric that makes it easy to maintain as it can be cleaned with a damp piece of cloth. Moreover, the sleeper features a solid wood frame that provides great support without causing the user to snag into the frame. It also has polyester wadding and also includes plywood for enhanced support.

The cushion comes with polyester fiber balls, which make them more comfortable and also prevent stiff neck and aches over the shoulders and the neck. The only downside is that it is also designed with a non- removable cover. However, the sleeper can be vacuum cleaned or wiped with a damp cloth.


100% polyester

Solid wood frame

Polyester wadding

Offers large storage space

Easily converts into a bed

Non-removable cover


In conclusion, sleeper sofas provide great dual functionality as it offers a comfy place to sit and relax and also sleep. These pieces of furniture are also useful in places or rooms with limited space or more than one purpose. Nevertheless, picking the best sleeper sofa can be a daunting task and time consuming, especially if you have little or no knowledge of what to look out for. The guide and the review that we have prepared above will help you find the ideal product and also save time while looking for the right item.

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