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Decorate a Room This Summer

Written by Andrew | Last Updated 2020-09-02

About Andrew

Not only a home designer, Andrew is also the founder of BFA. He always have full enthusiasm for the industry and his job, and he enjoys to share some new ideas to others. His professional advice can help you choose furniture better and home style which fits you.
Decorate a Room This Summer

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Are you looking to make space in your living room or want to redesign it before the end of summer? Do you need more furniture for your living room to use the space to accommodate meetings with friends, but aren’t sure how to go about it? If you need space for your living room or want to get things ready before the season is over, then this article is for you.

Here the present you with over two dozen designs and ideas for your living room, ideal for houses or small apartments. With these ideas, your friends and family will enjoy comfortable, cozy, and warm moments, all with the very best in comfort and style.

1. Soft Tones

Soft, white tones help to create a feeling of spaciousness within the room, so we recommend that you use these color tones when the space you have is small and your furniture is very tightly placed around your room.

The example below shows how this arrangement might look in person.

Decorate a Room This Summer

2. Room Opening and Multi-Function Spaces

If you have an open space in which both the dining room and the living room can be accommodated, we recommend using a two-seater sofa to define the area that the room will occupy, and thus make the most out of your available space.

3. Use Different Textures

Decorating with different textures on your walls and floors, as well as different shades of each color, can give a very interesting visual effect that helps to create a more pleasant feeling in your living spaces.

Decorate a Room This Summer

4. Putting a Few Items Together

Two small tables with unique designs and a two-piece sofa right next to the dining room can be enough to create a small room in your home. Think of it as a smaller nook or conversation space within the larger room itself. This type of ensemble can give you some added privacy even when everyone is in the same space all at the same time.

5. Go for Total White

We talked about using light colors above, but the same logic works when using plain, pearl white. Using white on all of your walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture guarantees a much broader and more orderly visual sensation of your home, as illustrated below.

Decorate a Room This Summer

6. Large Windows

If you are lucky enough to have your living room right next to a large window or the doors that lead to a balcony, having large windows can help make your small room look much more spacious and pleasant.

Decorate a Room This Summer

7. Use Rugs

Patterned and textured rugs help add a touch of character and character to your space, thus creating a pleasant place to chat. You can go for a traditional design, or something more metropolitan and modern, as we will see in some of the examples below.

Decorate a Room This Summer

8. Simple Decoration

Different types of cushions, a small coffee table, and a suspended lamp in the center of the room are just some of the basic elements needed to define a warm, approachable space in your home without spending too much money on any single item.

Decorate a Room This Summer

9. Create a Space with a Sober Character

Sober colors, in gray and cold tones, give a lot of elegance to the design below with a sober and refined character.

Decorate a Room This Summer

What you need to do is ensure that you have the right measurements of your sofas and side tables to avoid purchasing items that do not fit, and use some tastefully chosen décor pieces for the credenza or side table and add a few mirrors that can give your space some extra light and a feeling of spaciousness.

10. Use a Unique and Original Armchair

A very original or unique armchair can define a small room and can become the center of the visual appeal of your conversation and social space.

11. Use Black and White in Contrast

Betting on the classic combination of black and white can be a good solution for a small space, where the walls and ceilings are white and the furniture a combination of both.

Decorate a Room This Summer

The sample above is nothing short of exquisite but bear in mind that white and black contrast aesthetics do not work in all homes. Modern homes with lots of glass, metal, and marble look great with this type of contrast. Older homes and those made with traditional designs tend to look better when they adopt warm, sober colors such as browns, beiges, and pastel colors.

12. Puffs

The well-known puffs are modern furniture elements which take up very little space and are practical and very fun to have, and they can give you a relaxing touch to the design of your room. They also give you an extra place to sit and function much like a bean bag: low-cost extra seating with function!

13. Adopt Modern Color Schemes

The use of color palettes is something straight from the modern design movement of the 70s and works well in small spaces since they create an orderly and attractive visual room as we can see below.

Decorate a Room This Summer

14. Pictures and More Pictures

One way to define and decorate a small room is by hanging multiple pictures with photos on one of the walls, thus filling the space with personality. You do not have to put up pictures on multiple walls if you do not want to or if you do not have the space to do it. The picture below shows how selective pictures that are hung tastefully on a single wall can create a striking visual ensemble that will define the look of your room.

Decorate a Room This Summer

15. Paint Your Rooms Using Multiple Colors

The use of multiple colors in small details such as carpets, floors, furniture textiles, and decoration can make your room more fun and attractive. Paint one wall a deep blue or purple, and contrast that with a bright red or a pearly white to give your room multiple personalities in a positive way.

16. Adopt a Minimalist or Organic Aesthetic

A room with a minimalist design, with furniture designed in tasteful and modern curves, as well as natural and organic lines will make your home look like a movie set.

Decorate a Room This Summer

This approach works great in large, expansive rooms like the one above shows, but it also works in smaller spaces that need to make use of table space, shelves, seating areas, and walkways all within a few square feet of home real estate.

17. Rustic Touch

Wooden bars, open views, wooden paneling, and the tasteful combination of warm rugs, comfortable sofas, and light colors can give your newly decorated room a rustic touch that is very cozy and pleasant.

Decorate a Room This Summer

18. Contrasting Colors

Neutral tones prevail for many home designers, but if you integrate opposite colors such as red and blue, they add a very special touch to that small space you call your own. The visual appeal of contrasting colors is easy to understand, and it is why the black and white contrasting suggestion given earlier works so well for so many people. Give it a try with your two favorite opposite colors.

19. Use Multi-Function Furniture and Accessories

A small division in the bedroom, using a low wooden wall, serves to define the small room, making the most of the space. You can also make use of many other clever designs, such as bunk beds in the kids’ room, folding tables and chairs that double as another piece of furniture with different functions, and making use of hidden storage places to add a healthy dose of function to the basic style of your newly refined home living area.

20. White and Blue

We already tried white and blue and other opposite colors, but white and blue are a tried and tested combination that is a winner. A relaxing combination, where white reigns within the design and can be accentuated by deep blue elements, can create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Decorate a Room This Summer

21. Decorative Tiles

Using a wall to cover it with decorative multicolored tiles allows the room to take a leading role within the spaces that make up the house, regardless of size. Alternatively, you can use decorative tiles on your floors, as we see below, to give your home some life. This only works if you do not have carpeting, of course, but the striking visual appeal of the room below cannot be denied.

Decorate a Room This Summer

22. Go for Total Simplicity

A simple set of three pieces of furniture, but with a modern design and an intense color tone, can create a small room with a touch of luxury and refinement.

Decorate a Room This Summer

As you can see above, there is very little in this room in terms of décor and accessories. There are three basic chairs and sofas, a wall decoration, and a coffee table. The window curtains are open, the space is neat and clean, and a tasteful rug is in the middle of the room. The rug really ties the room together!

23. A Touch of Pop Culture

Do you have a special liking of anything in current culture? Perhaps a movie, a book, or another cultural relic that can be used as inspiration for your home makeover? A modern design adorned with an image, such as that of an artist or any other design, provides a touch of pop culture that makes it more attractive and gives your home a much more urban feel to it, reminiscent of painters’ lofts and homes in the city.

Decorate a Room This Summer

24. Integrate Plants into Your Design

Integrating indoor plants in small pots creates a feeling of well-being inside the room, regardless of the room’s size. Remember that a single, striking plant ensemble can be more visually appealing than multiple plants or décor items spread in different parts of the room. Choose your plants and types wisely based on how much watering and care they need and how they will grow.

Decorate a Room This Summer

25. Creative Lighting

Look for different types and styles of lamps and lights, as the right light – or the right set of lights – can give your home some high-level personality and character.

Decorate a Room This Summer

In this picture, our eyes are drawn to the mosaic wall in the back, the shelves on the wall, and the high-end chairs in the foreground. The room does not seem to be particularly large or affluent, but the lamps hanging from the ceiling are just what this room needs. Floor lamps or spotlights on the ceiling may not have worked as well as wicker or wooden lamps as those seen in the picture.

26. Use Accent Color

Neutral and gray tones are accentuated with furniture and decorative elements in an intense yellow color, thus creating a modern, sober, and pleasant design. The same approach can be used with other color combinations and for different setups, based on the type of feeling you want your room to exude. The feelings you may want to go for include warm, cozy, approachable, confident, professional, modern, rustic, farmhouse, playful, joyful, or eccentric.

Final Thoughts

Designing your own rooms or redesigning your home should not be something you do not look forward to. We spend all our lives indoors, so why shouldn’t our living spaces be as customized, comfortable, and striking as we want everything else in our lives to be?

We hope that the ideas above have given you some idea about how simple it is to redecorate a living space and to get a refreshed feeling and a new lease on life by simply adding the right colors, the right tones, picking the right items, and getting things displayed and arranged in the right way.

The suggestions given here will most likely cost less than $100 unless you go for a high-end redesign and change out old sofas and furniture for everything new. Beyond that, you can redo your home, your living room, and other spaces on a tight budget. Start small and do things one at a time or choose the idea that is easiest to implement and you will be on your way to having a new place that is still completely yours.

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