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Five Items to Consider for Your Next Home Design Project

Written by Andrew | Last Updated 2020-02-18

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Not only a home designer, Andrew is also the founder of BFA. He always have full enthusiasm for the industry and his job, and he enjoys to share some new ideas to others. His professional advice can help you choose furniture better and home style which fits you.
Five Items to Consider for Your Next Home Design Project

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If you are looking for the perfect theme for your home, it makes no difference whether you are decking out just a single room or redoing your entire home. Any remodel of your home – or any plan to redesign your interior with fresh, new ideas – requires you to take into account your personal preferences, the options that you have available at your disposal, and different design themes and elements that, once combined, will give you the dream room or home you were looking for.

There are so many different products available on the market, and there are countless international suppliers, designers, and manufacturers across the globe. Today’s savvy shopper expects more from their home than ever before, and there are plenty of options from which to choose, including different types of finishes, every color imaginable, decoration pieces, accent items, all set at different prices on the budget spectrum. Because of this, to successfully redo or redesign your rooms or home, you must narrow things down a little to make decision-making a little bit easier.

Five Items to Consider for Your Next Home Design Project

Here is what you need to do.

Firstly, get the basics right. This involves choosing from a defined set of styles, which include casual, formal, contemporary, and traditional.

Casual looks bring out the comfort, warmth, and relaxing features of your design to your home. This is achieved using straight and rectangular elements, rustic design hues, and soft furniture pieces that come outfitted with textured fabrics.

If you go for a formal style, you will have to bring out the elegance, symmetrical design, and upscale features of your home for all to notice. Elegant styles usually work best in homes that have high ceilings, use polished wood, and have tall windows with lots of natural light. You can also use imported rugs, antique side pieces, and decorative trims on your upholstery if this is the type of interior you want to have.

Contemporary styles use modern themes to keep current trends in vogue. Today’s hot item will change by tomorrow, but contemporary looks all have the same fundamentals: simplistic designs and subtle and understated sophistication. Neutral colors are often involved, as are a number of structural elements that involve making furniture from different materials to create smooth and geometric shapes.

Finally, you can choose a traditional look and compare available styles to whatever is the latest in decorative trends. You will likely find that nothing is ever truly new, but things just get revamped over time. Regardless of this fact, it can be very fun to see how old styles, themes, and fabrics change over time and look in new settings once your design refresh is complete.

Once you have chosen a theme, you can take design cues from anywhere in the world. Look at photos for inspiration, anything that strikes your interest, and choose the influences and colors that you like best. Every basic style can give you a distinctive and unique look, but getting into the details of the design can be the difference between creating a feeling of being in an urban loft or in a cottage on the coast.

One style you can choose is the French country style, which often involves decorating with mixed patterns, chairs that are symmetrical, fancy chandeliers, and a touch of color in a kitchen that has mostly ivory, light gray, or cream-colored themes.

Another popular theme is Tuscan style, in which natural stone, wood, and earth colors are combined to create cupboards, pots, and rustic blinds that are part cottage and part new-age industrial.

What do you think when you hear Ikea? Most people think Swedish minimalism, and that is spot on when it comes to Swedish themes. They are light and clean, and often feature white and blue, true to Sweden’s national colors. They can give you a very casual look that is minimalistic, but if you color your surfaces with gold or red accents, as well as straight lines and soft curves for your furniture, you can create a truly warm, welcoming, yet budget-friendly ensemble for your home.

A final theme worth mentioning is the Paris apartment look. This theme gives your room or home a touch of romantic elegance, as well as a dose of mystery to your apartment. These themes include baroque and rococo styles, as well as neoclassical looks that come with rich colors, luxury silks, and large posters, either abstract or of architecture.

Finally, you need to choose your personalized colors and a touch of flair to your home’s get-up. Based on the overarching theme and the personal touch you want to add, you can choose anything on the color spectrum between black and white all the way to red and blue. Think of choosing colors, designs, and patterns that match or contrast with the theme of your choice, including the color of accent pieces. To do this, you can choose sober and traditional browns, light creams, floral designs including pink and purple, denim blues, and a lot more.

To illustrate, you can have a colored accent wall depicting a picture with pink flowers and green leaves behind a kitchen table that is a traditional brown, or you can use mirrors, metal tables, clean lines, geometric designs on a soft, upholstered sofa, and tastefully chosen side tables to give your living room and dining area a touch of modern class without changing anything in the kitchen, hallway, breakfast nook, or elsewhere. Each area of the home is its own tiny abode, and you can customize each area however you wish based on your budget, lifestyle, color preferences, and the trends that you like the best today.

To get you started on your next project, we have hand-picked five items for you to consider when redoing your home so that you can have the look, functionality, and design that you want to have in your living spaces. These items include a sofa, a coffee table, a bookcase, a rectangular dresser, and a floor lamp – essential items for the discerning and savvy online shopper.

Ibiza Microfiber 80.3" Flared Arm Sofa

Ibiza Microfiber 80.3" Flared Arm Sofa

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This sofa can be so much more than simply a centerpiece for your living room or lounge. Sofas of this type can really define your overall home feel and aesthetic and are welcoming places to sit and relax after a long day. This sofa is perfect for any contemporary and modern interior home design since it features flared arms as well as a clean silhouette that has button tufted accents on each of its back cushions. It is made from a wood frame and has four black, block feet. On the top, it has foam-filled microfiber upholstery that comes in a solid and neutral color that can fit a variety of color palettes.

With pocket coil springs, this sofa is very comfortable. The exterior upholstery is microfiber and microsuede, and the legs are made of plastic. To care for the sofa, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and some mild soap.

This sofa measures 32.7'' H x 80.3'' W x 32'' D overall, and it weighs about 91 lbs. It has a seating capacity of three and uses eucalyptus in its construction. The cushions are tufted, and you can purchase cushions to go along with the sofa (toss pillows and additional cushions are not included). This sofa has a cushion back, as well as a maximum weight capacity of almost 800 pounds. It is made in China, requires assembly, and is approved for residential use.

Finally, this sofa has a one-year warranty and comes with fire retardant compliances. It is made by Zipcode Design, an on-trend company that provides users of all types with contemporary furniture solutions that are value-priced and are essential for capturing bright colors, geometric patterns, and contemporary shapes that are everything modern.

In terms of pros, this sofa is perfect for a starter apartment. It is not too small, and you can lay down on it if you are not too tall. It has very soft microfiber on it and the seat cushions are soft yet firm in order to hold you up. This is not a sofa that you will sink into but it is still soft enough for you to comfortably lie down on. The assembly instructions are simple and all you have to do is slide each part into the other and you have your sofa ready. Screwdrivers are not even required and you can assemble this sofa in 20 minutes or so. The only issue one buyer had was that there was a manufacturing defect that affected assembly but the buyer took care of that himself and things were good to go!

Another buyer had a somewhat different review to share. She purchased this sofa and said that she loved the seat and it is very rich in terms of color, and it even has nice details, but she found the cushions to be way too firm for her liking. The sofa also sat quite low, and her back began to hurt after she sat on the sofa for about 20 minutes. If you want a softer sofa or one that you will sink into, this is not ideal, but it is a great sofa to break in over time and won’t break the bank either!

Hiro 3 Piece Coffee Table Set

Hiro 3 Piece Coffee Table Set

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With the Hiro coffee table set, you can easily match your living room furniture with classy items that come with an understated and subtle design. These tables come with a two-tone finish that gives you a unique industrial style that is visually appealing and functional in terms of design and aesthetics. They feature black metal legs that support the wooden tabletop and the lower open shelf of the table. they also have smooth as well as spacious surfaces that give you lots of room to place your afternoon coffee or for chips and dip for game night with friends and family.

This set includes one coffee table, one end table, and one console table. The top of the tables are made of wood, and the bases are metal. Assembly is required. All three items weigh a combined 165 lbs. They are rectangular in shape and come in a gray wash color. The base of each table is sand black, and shelves (three in all) are included with the tables. These tables are intended and approved for residential use and two people can easily assemble them using the tools that come with the items upon delivery. Please avoid using power tools when assembling these tables to prevent damage to the wood or metal of the tables.

These tables come from 17 Stores, a trendy furniture maker that takes its inspiration from lofts and old factories that give you a touch of city life to your well-designed home, wherever it may be. These items help you find unexpected beauty in materials, colors, and detailing that you would not have expected, and this collection can be classified as a gem of a find.

These tables are pretty slim, sleek, and minimalist. There isn’t much to see when you look at them, except three perfectly proportional and rectangular tables that have lower shelves and an elegantly colored top. Their respective sizes and heights make them perfect for use in different parts of the home and, as expected, as part of a larger seating ensemble in which you require a side table, a side console, and a central coffee table. They are uniform in color and design and are different from each other only in shape and size. They can be used in the middle of the room (as is the case with the coffee table) or against the wall (as you would likely do with the console table).

Use these tables to serve up drinks, hold home knickknacks and other items, or display decorative pots, plants, or picture frames. They are easy to assemble, can often be purchased on sale (please plan ahead, as these items were on sale at the time of this writing but were out of stock – testimony to their popularity with buyers of all types). Since they are quite durable and can be used for years with proper care, you may want to purchase a protection plan for these items and avoid placing rough, scratchy, or sharp objects on them in order to prevent them from getting scratched.

Stannard Etagere Bookcase

Stannard Etagere Bookcase

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The Stannard etagere can be classified as a ladder bookcase even though it is more of a home storage unit than a standard bookcase. You can use it to hold everyday items such as remotes and home office supplies to – yes – books and more. This is an elegant storage solution that you can add to your living space that is designed in a modern farmhouse theme. It comes with a design motif that allows you to use it in any room you desire and to enjoy a casual yet contemporary and modern décor in that room. It has four shelves that are far enough apart to enable you to store boxes, books, tall binders, and decorative pieces including vases and flowerpots. Thanks to its rustic wood grain shelves and the black metal frame that is very sturdy, you can use this piece for years to come as long as you make sure to maintain it properly. The exquisite coloring of this piece complements the overall design, and due to the use of natural materials in its construction, there are color variations and unique wood details that will make your item as unique as you are.

This etagere has a frame that is made of metal and consists of shelves that are made of wood. Assembly is required. It has overall dimensions of 74.2'' H x 28.1'' W x 14.8'' D, and each shelf is 15” high. It weighs all of 31.5 lbs and comes in black. The frame is open, and there are five shelves in all. There is a tipover restraint device included with this item. The bookcase itself is made in China, and it was designed by Gracie Oaks, a design company that specializes in creating chic farmhouse styles for the modern shopper. They create classy updates for classic country designs, and they effortlessly give you urban looks that ooze rustic simplicity.

Just like the coffee tables reviewed above, this is a standard bookcase that comes in an open design and is as functional as it is simple. It is easy to assemble, can hold a lot of material, and can be used in the kitchen, the den, in your teen’s room, or as a storage solution (although placing something as chic as this probably is not a great idea, to begin with!) Use it safely around kids thanks to its built-in safety feature that prevents the bookcase from tipping over, and store books, display items, and other home items within easy reach in the den, living room, or lounge.

This item was not in stock at the time of this writing, indicating that it is truly a versatile piece that many people would like to have in their homes. If you are looking for a fresh, simple, and easy DIY piece to buy and set up in your home, the Stannard bookcase is a highly regarded furniture item from a respectable design home.

Demarest Rectangular Dresser Mirror

Demarest Rectangular Dresser Mirror

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We have almost come full circle with our recommendations of stylish home items that you can use to refit your home with classy furniture pieces that complement design themes, tastes, and hues of every kind. Here, we discuss the Demarest dresser mirror, a contemporary rectangular mirror that is simple in style and features a solid rectangular frame. It makes a great complement for décor themes that range from the upscale and sophisticated to the warm, common, and approachable.

This dresser mirror features a non-beveled edge and a frame that, unfortunately, cannot be attached to a wall. It measures 38'' H x 36'' W overall and weighs 23 lbs. It mounts on your dresser and is generally oriented vertically although, depending on the size of your dresser and the wall against which you choose to place it, you can orient it horizontally.

The frame of this mirror is made of wood and the mirror itself is made in Vietnam. Installation is required, and the mirror comes from Charlton Home, a design home that is guided by the versatility and enduring design of tasteful furniture items. Charlton Home focuses on creating affordable and trendy furniture and décor items for shoppers who want traditional American designs in their homes without having to overpay for such items.

There isn’t much you can say about a plain rectangular mirror that simply mounts on top of a flat surface, is there? Think again! This mirror looks elegant and classy and comes in four different color themes, all of which look great in both contemporary as well as traditional homes. The white version contrasts beautifully against dark brown, the black version looks great on metal or glass tables, the cherry version is rich and luxurious to the touch, and the gray version looks like high-end, environmentally-friendly reclaimed wood that makes modern homes of the discerning shopper look true to form and outfitted just right.

It is important to keep in mind that items such as this are never to be purchased or installed on their own; whenever you buy a mirror that is to be mounted on a dresser, you need to think about what kind of dresser, side table, bedroom set, and chest of drawers the mirror would look best with. Depending on the color option you go for, you can purchase a bedroom set that is black, gray, cherry, or white, and this mirror will look right at place with the corresponding set. Even if you do not want to complete a total room overhaul, you can choose the color or hue that looks good with a light contrast against your existing room ensemble: white against a dark brown dresser, or black on black. The choices are somewhat limited but it all comes down to the aesthetic that you already have and the look that you want to have. Act fast, though, because this item is low on stock and is currently available on a discount of over 30%!

Ormiston 58" Task Floor Lamp

Ormiston 58" Task Floor Lamp

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This is a modern and sophisticated task floor lamp that can be used in any room. It comes finished in matte black and has antiqued brass accents. It allows you to shine light wherever you desire thanks to a simple and adjustable arm that has a full 360-degree swivel range, not to mention the lamp’s adjustable bell shade. With this floor lamp, you are in control. Not only is it height adjustable, but it comes with a light source as well. It allows you to shine light wherever needed and can be used in your den, in a reading nook, or simply with your favorite lounge chair.

This item is made of painted steel and one light. It is finished in black and has an arm that swivels 180 degrees, as well as a shade that goes around in a full circle. It has an on and off switch, as well as a convenient foot switch for easy use. It has a maximum height of 68.5 inches and weighs 13 lbs. It requires a power supply of 120V and comes with a bulb that is 4W. One bulb is included with the lamp. It is not dimmable and can produce 420 lumens. The bulb shape code is A19 and it reaches a temperature of 2,200 Kelvin, so be careful with it as it gets very hot! The bulb comes with an 8,000-hour rating.

The base of this lamp is black and a metal shade that comes in painted steel is included as well. Made in China, this lamp requires assembly. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is CPSIA compliant.

This lamp comes from Ebern Designs, a contemporary design home that fuses streamlined designs with eclectic accents to give you everything you need to create contemporary looks in the spaces that you call home. Just looking at this lamp, you can tell that it is modern and sophisticated. Who needs a reading lamp, and who reads anyway? The well-educated upper echelons of society do, and this item is precisely the kind of item you would expect an affluent broker or a doctor to use after a long day at work when they unwind on their expensive recliner or favorite sofa upholstered in luxe leather and soak in a quiet read before bed.

If you are looking for something that looks great, works great, and is not only useful but will say a lot about your sophistication and work ethic and who you are as a person, the Ormiston task lamp from Ebern Designs is as good a place as any to get started.


We want our readers to know that there are differences between interior design and the art of interior decoration. The former is about solving the problems related to the usage of space in your home. It determines how you will create safe and functional living spaces while ensuring you make the most of all the possibilities of every type within a given space. Interior design, on the other hand, is the art of making your living space more comfortable, functional, and easy to live in. Interior decoration is about color schemes, textiles, materials, and quick renovations that do not require large-scale construction or other major changes.

If you hire an interior designer, he or she will come up with a detailed outline of, for example, your living room, complete with the different furniture options you should consider, and the different materials and color schemes you can choose from. A decorator, on the other hand, will help you choose the curtains that will give your living room some life, wallpapers that will attract the appreciative gaze of your guests, the color schemes that will make your home more inviting, and the layout that will make your place look bigger or be more functional.

To put all of this a little differently, an interior designer’s job is to help assist you with decoration, and an interior decorator’s job is not helping you with large-scale projects regarding space and functional solutions but helping with orchestrating the mood of any given space, the impression it gives your guests, and the ability to make different colors and themes fuse together seamlessly. In this way, interior design is definitely important because of the change that it can bring about in your home. Think of a very simple home that features very simple furniture items and the most basic of amenities. Wouldn’t that be very boring? Interior design is what helps make your living space more livable and alive with a given design or theme.

The items we have reviewed for you here are all very different from each other in terms of how they are used, where they are used, their respective price points, and the various functions that they provide you with. They are, however, connected in a different way. They are all versatile pieces of furniture that can make average living spaces that much more livable. From the comfortable sofa that will be your favorite retreat after a long day to the coffee tables that help you to entertain, to the bookcase that helps you organize your favorite novels and other home items and the lamp that helps you set the tone and mood of your room, these are all items that will help give your home function to go along with its form. They are necessities when you do not really need anything else, they help make your life easier and more organized, and they are items that you are bound to buy in one way or another, simply because of the fact that no home in this day and age would be complete without items of these types. Go ahead and give them a try and outfit your living spaces with functional and stylish items you will truly come to appreciate.

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