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Get Back to Work with Our Choice of Great Home Office Ideas

Written by Andrew | Last Updated 2020-08-18

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Not only a home designer, Andrew is also the founder of BFA. He always have full enthusiasm for the industry and his job, and he enjoys to share some new ideas to others. His professional advice can help you choose furniture better and home style which fits you.
Get Back to Work with Our Choice of Great Home Office Ideas

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With fast Internet speeds, cell phones that let you connect virtually to anyone anywhere in the world, and advanced video conferencing technology, working from home today is easier than it has ever been in the past. While many of those who are looking to make a name for themselves are freelancers or entrepreneurs, many companies are starting to allow their trusted employees to work remotely. This is an increasingly popular trend in the new COVID-19 world we find ourselves in since people are traveling less, spending more time in isolation, and making the most of remote work technologies.

Working from home certainly has its comforts. You avoid having to follow strict working times and you do not have to get dressed up every morning to do your job. However, there are also unique challenges you will face if you work from home. It can be difficult to focus on your work when you are sitting at the kitchen table staring at a pile of dirty dishes, and there are many other distractions that you will not face in the office.

Perhaps the key to working successfully at home is to carve out a space that is both appealing as well as suitable for your needs. While recognizing that no two houses are alike, we hope you are inspired by some of these home office ideas. A few small changes to your space could make a big difference in your productivity!

1. A quiet artist's space.

Place a large L-shaped desk for the perfect solution for anyone who needs a lot of space to do their work. You can have a computer on one side and an open space for crafts, drawings, or anything else you need on the other side. Go for a predominantly white space for a setup that is relaxing and elegant, especially with hanging light fixtures. Mix things up with a pop of color using a colorful desk. Leaning against the wall, you can place a decorated sideboard that almost looks like built-in shelving, but it isn't. Complete the space using a work of art with an inspirational quote. Customize that to something you like for a personalized touch.

2. All-natural nook.

Not everyone has enough space for a full office in their home, but it is easy to transform a small corner of the house into a stylish, workable space. Purchase a desk and shelves that extend completely through the corner to make your workspace larger, while a natural wood backsplash and a touch of green using natural plants will give your office space a homely atmosphere. Large archives are perfect for stowing client files, but you can choose to use smaller drawers if you have different needs.

3. Inspired by color.

Bright colors in your office design can help awaken your mind and help you stay focused, and if you do graphics work, you can save table real estate by mounting a large computer screen on the wall and maximize the use of your small space. Also, you can use a small table for a desk rather than a large desk which would otherwise eat up the limited space that you have. Floor-to-ceiling shelving offers ample space for whatever you may need, but what ties it all together is the use of colorful storage containers in different styles and sizes. When choosing such bold colors for walls and accessories, having simple graphics, such as black and white images, is a good design choice.

4. Open spaces.

An open theme is perfect for those looking for home office decorating ideas that minimize clutter. A clean space means a clean mind. With shelves that occupy the entire wall, there is plenty of space to store books and a modern and unique chair to make the room - and your work - more interesting. This might be a perfect little corner for a writer or an artist. However, if you need more storage, don't worry. Just buy some cute containers and place them on shelves instead of books. Make the idea work for you!

5. Elegant space and double spaces.

If you prefer elegant home furnishings, this idea is just for you. Workspaces that are surrounded by white walls and natural light from the doors or windows can give your workspace a light and airy touch, and you can add soft chairs for comfort and style or outfit the workplace for two people. With built-in shelving options, you can store your work supplies. You can even place simple designs on the ceiling, which tend to make rooms seem larger than they are. The great thing about this idea is that your workspace will easily double as a place to share a cup of tea with a friend.

6. Do-it-yourself desk.

Some low-budget DIY desks might look like they came out of a carpenter's workshop, but use the right color paint coat to assure your guests that they don't. Add a desk that comes with lots of small drawers to make a perfect place for holding stationery and other things you may need to write letters to your friends. Add a patterned wallpaper and a work of art that adds a touch of fantasy that is always much appreciated in home offices. This kind of space works best for someone looking for a small workspace that fits their home's design and is easy to customize as well without costing too much.

7. Wild whimsy.

Sometimes, you need home decorating ideas that make you feel inspired to get to work. Think of a brilliant, out-of-the-box design to do that. Consider navy blue on the walls, which would be a bold choice that can be softened by gold and white accents and colorful pops on the walls. Add a side cabinet for a clean space to work and some storage space. Position your desk to the side of a larger living area, because this will make it possible to have a dedicated place for your work even if you do not have an entire room to use.

8. Exotic workspace for two.

This brilliant space idea is ideal for families who have more than one person working from home. It makes use of the space at the top of the stairs - a point that might otherwise not be used - and there is plenty of room for two separate work areas. Adding color to the interior of the shelves is an interesting option, and consider a zebra-striped carpet on the floor for a great conversation piece. Since this space is not in a room and is in a loft, it is important to use storage areas to keep things tidy.

9. Wonderful wicker.

When looking for home office design ideas, sometimes you are trying to create an office from a small space such as a pantry or a built-in wardrobe. There are other ways to make your small space look great. An L- shaped desk that is wall mounted will provide plenty of workspace. You can easily customize the size of your desk to fit your space. Suspend cabinets above the desk to give you ample space to store your things. What really ties such an office together are bright colors of containers and perhaps wicker chairs and baskets, along with a wicker-inspired lamp.

10. Elegant office space.

If you have the space to create a large open office, take advantage of it. You can have a desk that occupies an entire wall, while a wardrobe of doors will keep everything discreetly hidden. An additional chair provides a separate reading area or space where a partner can sit while ideas bounce off each other. Choose works of art that make you feel inspired - a photo of your pet or children and a motivational message can help you stay on track when other household responsibilities seem to call you.

11. Rustic home workspace.

With a wood and brick pattern, you can make an exclusive home office that blends nicely with the decor of the rest of the home. With a desk in the center of the room, you will feel like royalty - or at least a ranch owner. Having windows in the doors of your cupboards used for storage will make them feel open while allowing you to contain some confusion. The highlight, of course, is a great motivational work of art. If you are going to have something big, make sure it is something that really inspires you.

12. Wall of art.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple place to put your laptop when you need it. Think of a home office that is a practical part of the room design. Low shelves under a large desk can contain many of your books in a space that otherwise would not have been used. What is so inviting about such a space is a wall completely covered in art. The pieces can be a mixed bag of sizes and styles, but somehow they will all work together. Accentuate your look with colorful chairs that will look like belong, even if they do not exactly match each other.

13. A little bit of everything.

You can set up this kind of office space if you are someone who wants a home office that serves multiple purposes. A large closet in the back can allow for easy storage of supplies while hanging file holders are a convenient place to store things for ongoing projects. With a small trolley on the side, you can easily store your laptop to use the desk for another activity. If you have a busy design on your flooring, you will require other aspects of the room a little more subdued. It is all about finding that balance.

14. Old style writer's desk.

If you feel like you are the next Shakespeare or Hemmingway, try to set up an old-style writer’s desk to get you inspired. Set up a room that gets lots of natural light, but be sure to add curtains that can close easily at night when you want your privacy. Using older pieces as office furniture, you can develop a certain aura, and large green plants can make you feel like you are in a jungle. Place your laptop or typewriter right where you need it, and the rest of the room will hit your sweet spot.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ideas about what you can do to personalize your home office. There are many additional things you can consider, especially if you do not have the budget or the time to set something up that is perfect for your needs. For example, a tasteful full-length mirror, potted plants, a casual rug, bean bags, ladder bookcases, side tables, storage bins, and other accessories can be used in creative ways to personalize your home office while simultaneously providing you with the function you need. Add color and works of art or trinkets at specific places to keep your mind energized and refreshed.

Be sure to give your process some thought first. For example, do you work in the morning or the evenings? What kinds of distractions do you face? Can you have artistic décor pieces, or will those pose a threat to children or pets? What is your budget? Do you prefer wood or wicker (as outlined above in a few suggestions) or do you want a truly office feel using metal and glass? Do you need to change sitting positions often? How much desk space do you need versus how much storage space do you need?

These are all basic considerations, but hopefully, the ideas above will give you a sense of the options at your disposal. Be sure to tie in your home office them with the rest of the home and get some feedback from friends and family on colors, layouts, furniture items, and other choice decisions that may or may not work. Once you have decided, go ahead and make your space your own!

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