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Home Organization: Great Shoe Racks and Shoe Storage Ideas

Written by Andrew | Last Updated 2020-08-05

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Not only a home designer, Andrew is also the founder of BFA. He always have full enthusiasm for the industry and his job, and he enjoys to share some new ideas to others. His professional advice can help you choose furniture better and home style which fits you.
Home Organization: Great Shoe Racks and Shoe Storage Ideas

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When it comes to organizing personal items while saving space, there are endless options. In this post, we will talk about a type of organizer that has been given somewhat little importance but is quite useful and functional when it comes to taking advantage of the space you have in your home: the shoe rack.

A shoe rack is the perfect ally to offer organization and storage alternatives in small homes (when we talk about saving space), or in large homes (when we talk about optimizing your interior design and contributing to decoration). There are many styles and designs, ranging from simple and slim, with drawers, with curtains, wood or plastic, white or colored, open or closed, and more. From the master bedroom to the children's room and from the entrance hall, the basement, a small closet, or the laundry room, a shoe rack will always be a piece of furniture that will provide useful organization that appropriate to each area and that can also contribute to the aesthetic of your home, making it a useful and important part of the overall home environment. Here we present a few ideas about storage for shoes.

Types of Shoe Racks

1. A hiding place under the stairs.

In old houses, the basement used to be the storage place for furniture, clothes, household utensils, and shoes. Now, with the need to make the most of our home spaces, we have an option with the same essence: using not the basement but the stairs, rather the space below the stairs. Although it is true that in this case, it is not a compact shoe rack, what is true is that it does not occupy an extra space in your home since it is hidden and its shape is fully integrated into an existing use. It is an ingenious and functional way to organize items, store your shoes, and make the most of your existing space.

Home Organization: Great Shoe Racks and Shoe Storage Ideas

2. Custom frame.

A tall, angular shoe rack that fits in any corner or corner of the house can be placed next to a wardrobe with the same characteristics. The result is simply phenomenal! Because if something looks good, why not have two of the same? You may have to do some searching to find the items that match the right way, but this approach can be used to narrow down the many options available online.

3. Hanging shoe rack.

Shoe storage options are very useful at the entrances of homes as they allow us to keep our shoes nearby in case of rain and not take wet shoes into the interior of the home. Alternatively, we can use them to hold sandals or slippers that are ready for us when we get home.

In this case, a hanging shoe rack not only saves you from the shoe storage issue but it is also an important piece in the design of your home entryway where you have the color of your floors, walls, and other furniture items all in one place. The fact that you have a floating rack makes cleaning the floor easier and allows you to have, for example, a credenza or an art counter underneath, making it a multifaceted piece of furniture.

4. A slim shoe rack in the closet.

We cannot always count on a lot of space to build a wardrobe with a dressing room and leave large shelves to place our shoes, like in a fancy gallery. Sometimes we can barely install a closet that organizes our clothes, and in such cases, a slim shoe rack attached to the wall is the ideal solution.

The advantages of these types of furniture are that they keep the order of the shoes inside the wardrobe, which is already occupied by countless articles that, in times of need, are rarely in order!

5. One for each.

A perfect solution to organize shoes inside the master bedroom is to have one rack for each spouse or a double shoe rack. For this, it is necessary to take into account the style of the room, the color, the character, the materials, and the textures of your home furnishings because when a double shoe rack is placed openly in the room and not hidden in a closet, the furniture is no longer a minor detail and it becomes the focal point of that particular space.

You can combine the colors of the shoe rack with those of the bedroom in such a way that it does not negatively attract attention but seems to be part of the interior decoration, even working as a dressing table or shelf to place other things if it is high enough. In other words, a high double shoe rack is functional, practical, and excellent!

6. Along the corridor.

For contemporary and minimalist interior designs, a white shoe rack that has no shocking d├ęcor except its handles is as minimalist as you can get. Its shape, texture, and geometric and sober character next to, say, a huge mirror make it beautify your room and balance the chaos of other random furniture items. In other words, having a shoe rack in a long corridor can make your home modern and precise.

7. For children.

The smallest room must be, strictly speaking, fun, colorful, and full of surprises, so the furniture and design inside must be planned together, as a playful, unique, and explosive whole. Consider a shoe rack that blends with the bed frame, one that is ideal for children who play during the day and dream at night. You can find furniture items that are divided into drawers and not only organize your shoes but also transform into a ladder if you have a bunk.

Home Organization: Great Shoe Racks and Shoe Storage Ideas

8. Between one closet and another.

When two cabinets leave a gap between them that is not big enough to install a dresser or credenza, that is where you can install a shoe rack. A thin and precise space on one hand and a pile of messy shoes on the other leaves us asking, what can we do with this? Sure, a custom shoemaker is the answer! You can create a shoe rack in such a place, one that is almost hidden between the gaps but does not lose its importance or functionality. That's what it takes, and it's perfect!

9. As thin as the wardrobe.

Functionality is key. You do not need a large shoe rack just because your wardrobe is large. In a large closet, a tall, slim, wheeled shoe rack is perfect for carrying around and enjoying more comfort when dressing and arranging clothes. You can have a frosted or semi-transparent front that makes it easy to view the shoes inside, saving time and space without losing style or utility.

10. Rustic and functional.

A rustic wooden shoe rack? Of course, why not? Now we get a little out of the modern and sober style that we have been discussing so far and go into the natural elements, but not because these elements are less functional, versatile, or practical. A small, rustic, wooden cabinet allows your shoes to be hung and organized in such a way that they become a piece worth exhibiting in themselves.

11. Bottle boxes.

Many people have wooden wine boxes at home. We usually see them in plastic now but in second-hand markets, it is very common to find them. As you know, wooden boxes are very fashionable, and they can be used for everything. Why not use them as a shoe rack? You can organize flat and sports shoes in these beautiful boxes and decorate your room while keeping your footwear in order.

12. Wooden beehive.

If you have so many shoes that it is impossible to have them all arranged in rows because you lack space on all sides, then this is your best option. Learn how to make your own shoe hive and organize them all by making the most of the space.

Practical Steps to Organizing Your Footwear

If you have hands-on experience building things, here are a few ideas you can perhaps construct yourself.

1. Use pallets.

With pallets you can do anything, even make a shoe rack! Take a pallet, sand it, and paint it the color you like the most and put your shoes on it. This will give you an original and unique shoe rack that is yours and yours alone.

Home Organization: Great Shoe Racks and Shoe Storage Ideas

2. Use PVC pipes.

Create a shoe rack from scratch with PVC pipes. You can create it to your liking and put as many levels as you need. It is really easy, you just have to cut, paste, and paint. If you want, you can place some wooden shelves at each height to prevent your shoes from falling behind. In this way, you will have all your shoes ordered and matched at a glance. What do you think about such an idea?

3. PVC tube beehive.

You can also use larger PVC pipes with a very large diameter and cut the pipe into pieces of 30-40cm according to the number of shoes you have and glue them together, creating the shape you like best. Then you can decorate and paint them in the color you like best. We love PVC crafts!

4. Locker shoe rack.

Create a locker for your shoes. This idea looks a lot like a modular shoe shelf. If you want to do it easily then you will need fine or balsa wood and a jigsaw. Make a locker like the ones used to organize drawers but in wood. If you prefer something more daring, then make something that is more solid than a locker but has the same general idea.

Home Organization: Great Shoe Racks and Shoe Storage Ideas

5. Wall of shoes using fruit boxes.

If you have enough space to have all your shoes on one wall, then this idea is great! Collect fruit boxes and create a modular shelf with all of them on it. Then you can put your shoes by size or style in different boxes. It will be a very nice rustic wall.

Home Organization: Great Shoe Racks and Shoe Storage Ideas

6. Under the bed.

Set up a wooden board, or a large wooden box, and add four wheels. Put all your shoes on top and then hide it under the bed. Whenever you want to put on some, you just have to take them out, choose your favorite, and put the sliding panel back in. You will have all your shoes stored and tidy and without taking up space.

7. Hide them in a trunk.

If you have a trunk, take advantage of it to put all your shoes inside but not in a messy way. Become an organizer yourself to have all your shoes well ordered. Create separators using cardboard, fine wood, or feather cardboard. Follow the same technique that you would use to make a drawer organizer, and voila! You will have an organized trunk of shoes.

Final Thoughts

Some of these ideas require items that may be hard-to-find in some areas, such as cardboard boxes, PVC pipes, or wooden fruit crates. Others may not suit certain homes, such as under-the-stairs solutions that do not go well with single-story homes. However, at the end of the day, you can choose the solution that works best for you.

It is important to take your budget, your available options, your preferences, and your basic needs before purchasing (or making) a shoe rack for your home. You can leave them disorganized in the mudroom and purchase a cheap door hanger, or you can elevate your interior design and use a modular solution, a hanging shoe rack, or make compartments in an old trunk or hidden in a bedroom closet.

The options are endless, but hopefully, this post gives you a few creative ideas about what you should do next to not only organize your shoes but save on the cost of buying a new storage item and potentially losing floor space with a new piece of furniture when you could have availed space that was simply underused.