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How to Select and Buy a Twin Size Bed

Written by Andrew | Last Updated 2020-06-17

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How to Select and Buy a Twin Size Bed

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In this guide, we first talk about beds in general. We then talk specifically about mattresses because the mattress you buy is equally – if not more important – than the type and style of bed you purchase from a functionality, use, and health perspective.

Buying a Twin Bed

Your bed is a focal point of your décor, so make sure you do what you can to get it right and create a peaceful retreat for yourself. Let’s start with the basics. There are many available options so narrow down your list based on size, style, and design, as well as functions and materials. Let’s get started!

Types of Beds

The style of your bed should match the rest of your preferences and the overall theme in your home to make sure you have a cohesive look. Popular bed styles include:

Canopy Beds: These are traditional beds that come with a tall frame that can hold curtains and give you grand and luxe style. Make sure to measure the bed and compare its height with your ceiling height to make sure that it fits.

Platform Beds: These offer you a modern style that has no footboard. They look great with bunky boards. Low profile box springs also work well to highlight their sleek and horizontal lines. These beds are trendy these days and go well in modern homes.

Traditional Beds: Traditional beds come with a headboard, a footboard, and sometimes have side rails for a classic look. They work best with a box spring and can be purchased in a variety of materials. They look great in transitional homes as well as standard home settings.

Bed Materials

Next, we must talk about what you would like your bed to be constructed from.

Wood: This is the most popular bed material. Wood can be stained and painted in any color you choose. Wood is a highly versatile material and can be crafted into clean lines or with curved headboards that have molding, carvings, and accents.

Metal: Metal beds can give you clean lines and sharp silhouettes, as well as a minimalist look. They work great in modern or industrial spaces. They are also very durable.

Fabric: Fabric upholstery can be stitched on to wooden or metal beds to give you a plush finish. Tufts can give you a high-end quilted look as well.

Bed Sizes

Beds come in a variety of sizes. This article talks about twin size beds, but here is a quick refresher on the available sizes out there.

Twin beds measure 38" x 75" and sleep one person

XL Twin beds measure 38" x 80" and also sleep one person

Full beds measure 53" x75" and can fit one or two people

Queen beds measure 60" x 80" and they sleep two people

King beds measure 76" x 80" and they sleep two plus a child or a pet

California King beds measure 72" x 84" and they sleep two plus a child or a pet

Choose the Right Headboard

When you narrow down your selection, think about the kind of headboard you would like to have. Think about what you do the most in bed. If you collapse and fall directly to sleep, a wooden or metal headboard would be ideal. You can choose a headboard that has slats or even open grillwork since you will not spend time leaning against it.

If you like to sit up in bed for reading or watching TV, you may want to have an upholstered headboard. They come with padded options that can prop you up comfortably. This will allow you to feet as if you are on a comfortable sofa. Solid wood headboards are a great good alternative but only if you have the budget to buy a few cushions to soften the back.

Small Space Beds

Finally, if you are buying a twin size bed for a small space, consider buying a storage bed. These can give you more bang for your buck, so to speak. Some storage beds come with built-in drawers and space under the mattress so that it is easier to make do without purchasing a large dresser.

You must never forget to carefully measure your room before selecting a bed. Twin beds and Full-size beds are a few inches shorter than other bed sizes and can be purchased to save some of your limited space.

Let’s now talk about buying a mattress for your twin size bed.

Buying a Twin Bed Mattress

According to the U.S. Department of Health, a lack of sleep is linked to heart disease, depression, diabetes, and obesity. A poor mattress can seriously harm your life. If you are unsure about the quality of your current mattress or are thinking about buying a new one, then it is probably time that you do. Most mattresses last about 8 or 10 years, but the ultimate measure of how good or bad a mattress comes down to how you feel sleeping on it. If sleeping is difficult or uncomfortable, consider buying a new one. You should also consider buying a new mattress if:

Your current mattress sags

Your current mattress shows its wear and tear

Your current mattress is dusty or looks unclean

You wake up with sleep pains

Your current mattress is over ten years old

You disturb your partner when you are on your mattress or he or she disturbs you

Here is what to look at when buying a new mattress.


Here are the average lifespans, in years, of different types of mattresses:

Memory Foam: 10

Latex: 12

Innerspring: 7

Hybrid: 10

Airbed: 8

Pillowtop: 7


The ideal bed size for you depends on your lifestyle and room space. Here we’re talking about twin size beds. If you are looking for another size, check out our other helpful reviews!


Mattress firmness is measured from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest. Choose a firmer or softer mattress depending on whether you want to have some support in your bed or if you want to sink into it.


Mattresses can range in thickness from four inches to 14 inches or more. Depending on the weight of the sleeper – such as a child or a large adult – you may need a mattress with more or less thickness. Price also comes into play with thicker mattresses costing significantly more than thinner ones.

Sleeping Position

Some people are stomach sleepers, and some are side or back sleepers. Different firmness levels are better suited to different types of sleep. A mid-range firm mattress is great for comfort as well as support. Anything too firm or too soft may be hard to move around in or on.

Your Weight

If you are light, you won’t sink much into your mattress, so you can go for a mattress that is a level 4 or even lower. If you are heavy, go for a little more firmness.

Sleeping Temperature

Soft mattresses are easy to sink into, but unless they are made using special materials, they can become quite hot. Some mattresses are designed to remove and transfer body heat away from the individual. Firmness also determines sleep heat, as does a lack of airflow.


Cost is an obvious part of the purchase decision. Innerspring mattresses can cost between $600 and $1,000 while memory foam mattresses usually go for between $700 and $1,100. Latex mattresses are very comfortable and are usually priced between $1,400 and $2,000 while hybrid and airbed mattresses can cost between $1,700 and $2,500.

These are estimates and it all depends on the size as well, not to mention brand name and other features such as hypo-allergenic covers and anti-dust materials. Choose a mattress based on your needs and available budget.

Mattress Availability

Some brands and types of mattresses are more widely available than others. Here is a breakdown of some common categories.

Memory Foam Mattresses: Foam mattresses contour around your body and reduce pressure points and fit most budgets. They are very popular and come in many designs and colors. However, they can sleep hot and might come with a chemical smell.

Latex Mattresses: Latex is a type of rubber that provides support and a luxury feel but can be very expensive. They are great for back issues but do not come in super plush or soft models.

Innerspring Mattresses: Innerspring mattresses are the most popular type of mattress you can find. They come in many options and are affordable, but may come with low quality and may not help with motion suppression so you may disturb others on the bed with you more often than you’d like.

Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrid mattresses combine positive features of other mattress types. They come with a support core and foam as well as a comfortable top for all-round quality. They provide great comfort and have pretty good motion isolation and the foam component provides comfort and body contouring. However, they can be expensive and may come with a chemical smell.

Airbed Mattresses: You can control the firmness of some airbed mattresses with a remote or an app. Changing the firmness and pressure allows you to tweak things to the right level of firmness and softness, that too across both sides of the bed (for Queen, King, and California King beds). However, they are very pricey and repairs can be costly so be sure to read warranty details before making a purchase.

Other Factors to Consider

Here are a few other helpful tips to consider before making a final purchase of your new twin bed.

Shipping and delivery: By when do you need your mattress? Mattresses are large items, so shipping costs – if they are not covered – can add a substantial amount to your final total.

Sleep trial and returns: Can you sleep on the mattress and then return it if you do not like it? Many companies offer trials that are 100 days long or more, with some offering a full year’s worth of sleeping time as a trial.

Warranty: Since you will likely use your mattress for around a decade, it pays to have a good warranty that can cover you during this time. Look for a sound warranty that covers you for at least that long and covers the types of accidents you have had or may expect to have on or with the mattress in the coming decade. It’s hard work but only you can do it!

Where to buy: You can buy your mattress online or offline. If you buy online, you get the best convenience and can select from a huge selection of mattresses without ever leaving your home. You can browse options, deals, brands, offers, colors, and other features at your own pace. Finally, you can choose the mattress you like at the price you want by comparing across different online vendors with nothing more than a few clicks, On the flip side, you cannot test or use your mattress until you’ve already bought it and it has been delivered to your home, and you may experience high shipping costs depending on where you live.

If you purchase your mattress offline, you can test it before you buy, and since brick and mortar mattress stores must compete with online retailers, they often throw in extra bonuses and offers to get you to buy and these bonuses may be worth quite a bit.

So not only do you get to test as many in-store mattresses as you would like, but you may be able to evade shipping fees and can speak to an expert in the store as well.

On the downside, it can be difficult to compare stats, brands, features, and costs whilst going from store to store or even from mattress to mattress within the same store. Also, shopping in-store isn’t as easy as shopping online, and there are no two ways about that.

You spend hours and hours sleeping, so it is worth looking into the right twin bed and the right twin bed mattress that you will sleep on for a long time. Hopefully, armed with this guide, the decision will be easy and worth it in the end!

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