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White Coffee Table - The Trendsetter That Has Stayed in Style

Written by Andrew | Last Updated 2019-10-21

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White Coffee Table - The Trendsetter That Has Stayed in Style

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Having a living room but missing out on adding a statement coffee table is like making a lavish dinner but forgetting to add just a pinch of salt. Yes, the salt is a small part of the entire meal, but it is a very important part that should not be overlooked!

In the same way, coffee tables are small yet often overlooked parts of the perfect living room, family room, den, kitchen, or office. Don’t let an otherwise grand look and perfect layout be ruined by a simple mistake. The issue, however, is that choosing something as simple as a coffee table can become quite difficult and complicated simply because of the vast number of options for tables available on the market. Should you choose a table with wide, wooden legs or one with streamlined metal and glass parts? Should it be round in shape, or would a square or rectangular table look better in your living area? Are higher prices always indicative of better quality and function, or can you get away with buying something on a budget and still enjoy long-term use of your coffee table?

In this post, we talk about the different factors to keep in mind when choosing a coffee table, why you might want to purchase a white coffee table, and the pros and cons of different types of coffee tables that are made of different materials and come in different colors.

Factors To Consider

White Coffee Table

Before we discuss the benefits of white coffee tables, we need to be able to narrow our search along other dimensions. We can settle on white as our color of choice at the end, but we can only do that once we know what we want to get (and are able to get) based on the dimensions outlined below.


Coffee tables can range in price from high-end, branded, expensive items to budget-friendly, low-cost items. Before you begin shopping for your next coffee table, you need to decide how much you are willing or able to spend on it. Many people make budgeting decisions such as this as part of a larger decision matrix: the amount you spend on your coffee table will be a portion of however much you have to spend on other home items you may be purchasing at the time, such as room accessories, lighting fixtures, and other pieces of furniture. Even if you are only buying a coffee table, it is a good idea to have a budget in mind. there is no need to splurge on a specific item if you are able to find an equally good and attractive item at a lower price, and you will very likely be able to find an attractive and functional item within any pre-decided budget you choose. Select a budget and filter your results accordingly.


Think of your living room from a holistic perspective. How does the overall room tie in with everything in it, and how do you generally use your home and living spaces? Do you have pets or children? How long do you want your table to last? Does it need to look a certain way? Is your room long and narrow or does it look short and wide?

These questions may seem random, but they are anything but. Round or oval coffee tables are best for homes with pets or children since sharp corners can be dangerous for your small young ones jumping around the home. As long as you keep a certain amount of space between your table and your seats and sofas (30 inches or so is the ideal distance) and have enough space between your table and other items around the living room or family room such as your TV console or media cabinet, you can avoid bumps and bruises when walking past your table.


A related but different dimension from the shape that you need to keep in mind when buying a coffee table is the size of the table. You can find tables of all sorts of sizes with different shapes, so first choose the shape you want and then decide on the size. Make sure you get the height right. Generally speaking, your table needs to be an inch or two lower than your seats. Standard seats are usually 18 to 21 inches high, so this gives you ample space in which to fit the coffee table of your choice. Taller tables are usually more convenient for entertaining guests since they will not have to stoop or bend too much to pick up or put down items. Lower tables are great for family use since proximity to the floor means they can be used while seated on the floor and by kids for, for example, drawing.


Function is related to how you expect to use the coffee table. Do you intend to use your new, white coffee table as a decoration piece holder, or as a storage solution? How much storage do you need, and can you safely keep on the table the items that you want to keep on it? For example, a sharp conch on top of a family room coffee table may not be such a great idea, meaning you may not want such a decorative coffee table to begin with, but a functional storage coffee table would be great since it would give you a convenient place to store remotes, devices, and other home items that you may want out of sight yet within easy reach in your living room or family room.

Regardless of the additional functions for which you may want to purchase a white coffee table, you will definitely want a table on which you can place plates and drinks without having to worry that they will tip over or spill. This holds true for both decorative as well as functional coffee tables. Think more about lines and materials if you want a decorative table, and think more about textures and size if you want a storage or function-first table.


As is true of shape, size, and function, coffee tables come in a wide range of materials as well. You can find white coffee tables made of metal that come with industrial tones, and white coffee tables that combine brass, steel, or aluminum with glass for sophisticated looks. You can also find sober, traditional tables that are made of oak, mahogany, cherry, walnut, or maple. Oak and maple are generally used for casual furniture while walnut and cherry tend to lend your living spaces with a more upscale and formal look. You can even find tables made of plywood, compressed wood, laminate, and other materials if price is an issue, but remember that these materials generally do not last long. Only go for such materials if you are restricted in terms of budget or if you only want a coffee table for a short period of time and are not looking for something to last you many years.


Many people make furniture purchases without realizing that even furniture items have their own design, style, and fashion themes. From formal and informal to modern and vintage, there are numerous styles and tones that you can choose from when buying a coffee table, and there are equally as many styles and tones you may already have in the rest of your room in the form of your seats, tables, sofas, and other furniture pieces. It would not make sense to purchase a modern-looking steel and glass table with a marble top to go with a room that is outfitted with ornately carved wood in midcentury design. Make sure the table you purchase goes well with the rest of your living room or family room.

Are There Alternatives?

If you take some time to think outside the box, you may be able to see alternatives to what you at first thought were limiting conditions on your coffee table purchase. Do you need to have the table in a corner, such as in a breakfast nook? Can you buy one with wheels and casters? Can you replace your coffee table with an ottoman or a trunk? What about tables that have cloth components to them, such as leather or leatherette tables? You can even ask yourself if you necessarily need a table, to begin with. It is entirely possible that you can get away with a small storage solution with a flat top in the middle of your room. That way, you do not have to buy a coffee table, but you end up with an item that doubles as one. Getting creative can open up a whole new world of options for you!

Multiple Tables Used As One

Is there any reason to think you can only buy one coffee table for your coffee tablespace? Why not try a collection or small grouping of tables instead? If you really want an interesting and eye-catching look, go for two sets of identical tables placed next to each other. You can find tables like this that allow you to pull out each table to expand your total surface area. You can even stagger your tabletops, too, for a different design and look altogether. Just be careful to not spill anything between the two tables or place items half on one and half on the other!

Choosing White Coffee Tables

White Coffee Table

Armed with the guidelines above, we can now look at the final items you should have in mind as you conduct your search for the right white colored coffee table for your home or living space.

Warm Things Up With Wood

Wood has the ability to bring warmth and approachability to space. However, since it is heavy, many people prefer to have wood coffee tables only in larger rooms that have high ceilings and plenty of natural light from windows. If you do not have such a room but still want a wooden coffee table, consider going for one that is long and narrow so that it does not look too bulky or crowds your living space.

Consider Using Metal or Glass

You can try mixing glass with metal. Just be sure to avoid mixing different types of metal. Glass and metal coffee tables can be a little tricky. If your living space already has a lot of wood in it in terms of the other furniture items you already have, placing a modern-looking metal and glass piece can look awkward and out of place. However, a different-looking item in the midst of items that have the same design theme can give you a welcome, complementing look without distracting from the overall theme of your house.


Here we come full circle to the color of the table you should choose. In this post, we tried to outline how to choose a coffee table for your home or living space, with the choice of a white table being one that makes sense in a lot of ways. White tables look clean, and they are of immutable style and taste. They go well in offices and schools, but they are just as nice-looking in modern homes and in dorms and coffee shops. Just like you cannot go wrong with wooden furniture, you cannot go wrong with a white coffee table. If you have dark themes in your home, white can provide a welcome contrast, and if you already have lively colors around the house, white allows you to tie in the different palettes you have without detracting from the overall look of your seating ensemble.

As a final word of caution, beyond making careful decisions for all of the factors outlined in this post, be careful to not overdo things. You may want a very special table that has cutouts or nailhead trim, but such over-the-top items scream for attention, so it is probably best, unless you have an understated room and need a flamboyant coffee table to stand out, to go for a stately white coffee table of the size, shape, features, and design theme that goes with the rest of your room or home.

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